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The Olivet Advantage

At Olivet Nazarene University, our goal is to serve your organization with custom solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. In return, we ask that all of our partners commit to the following:

  • Provide ongoing communication to employees about Olivet programs
  • Designate a point person in their organizations to work with our Director of Corporate Engagement
  • Invite Olivet to all Education and Recruitment Fairs at their facility
  • Become an active partner by recognizing Olivet as a source for problem-solving
  • Recognize and utilize Olivet as a source of continuing education credits, workshops and professional development for their employees


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Partner Organizations
Employees of Partner Organizations

Our partnership with Olivet Nazarene University is directly correlated to our continued growth and influence as an association. Our joint efforts allow nurses to continue to be advocates to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients. Olivet recognizes that nurses are at the heart of our state’s efforts to provide health equity for all.

Susan Swart, Executive Director, American Nurses Association – Illinois
Teacher with Students

Our partnership with ONU has been a story of success for several years. We appreciate the fact that the programs are being brought to where the teachers are rather than the other way around. This resonates deeply with the busy rhythms of our teachers’ lives and opens doors to more possibilities for continuous professional growth. Year after year we are cultivating local expertise with an ongoing support from ONU. Their courses integrate deep disciplinary knowledge with its application in a real classroom. Our teachers receive support from the time they enroll in the program all the way till they graduate and beyond, assisted by the ONU staff in obtaining of their certification from the State Board of Education.

Alla Harnish, Administrator of Bilingual and Multicultural Services, Rockford Public Schools District #205
Conference Room

Olivet University has been an excellent academic partner.  They are available to meet with our staff to discuss academic programs. The professional development series are very beneficial to advancing leadership knowledge in a vast array of topics.  I highly recommend them.

Sharon Brooks, MSN, APRN, RNC-OB, CENP, Director, Nursing Professional Practice, Rush Copley Medical Center
Teacher reading with student

Throughout our five years of partnership with Olivet, we have been able to endorse many teachers with ESL/bilingual or Reading. This has been instrumental in helping us with key district implementations of bilingual education and balanced literacy. I am very happy with our partnership and hope it continues for years in the future!

McHenry D15 School District, 5 year partnership with Olivet
Next Steps

We would love to chat with you about your educational and professional goals, so please click here to apply to one of our programs or call 877.9.OLIVET to connect with an Olivet representative now.  

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