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corporate comm

You want to hone your leadership skills.

You like to solve problems.

You believe you can affect change in an organization.

Corporations are made of people and relationships challenged by effective communication--both internally and externally. If you would like to improve your professional communication skills to help organizations tell their story, the Corporate Communications Certificate is designed for you.

As a student in this program, you will participate in hands-on application of the professional "tools of the trade," by solving public relations issues commonly encountered in both small and large organizations.


Accelerated classes meet online, courses start every 8 weeks
Program Length
24 weeks
Credit Hours
Start Dates

Total Cost

Tuition per Credit Hour
Credit Hours to Complete
Approximate Total Due


Program Features

Corporate Communications Certificate

  • Developed by individuals with rich experiences working in diverse environments as well as extensive experience in effective communication.
  • A robust online curriculum designed to create community through discussion and interactive assignments.
  • Networking and learning with other leaders who have a passion for developing clear, concise and convincing messaging.
  • Individualized support services and tutoring for the on-line student.