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Healthcare  Leadership  Certificate

You want to improve leadership skills needed to navigate today's evolving healthcare landscape.

You want to provide better health care to the people you serve today and in the future.

In the fast paced and rapidly changing health care industry, managing and leading with confidence are necessary for continued stability, growth, and achievement in the healthcare arena.

If you are a healthcare professional, the Healthcare Leadership Certificate can help you navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry effectively. Working in the healthcare field requires a high level of qualification and education. Because of that, this certificate exists to enlighten healthcare professionals like you on leadership issues specific to your field. In this series of courses, you will learn the skills necessary to maintain outcomes and compliance of this highly-regulated environment.


Accelerated classes meet online, courses start every 8 weeks
Program Length
24 weeks
Credit Hours
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Total Cost

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Program Features

Healthcare Leadership Certificate

  • A robust online curriculum designed to create community through discussion and interactive assignments.
  • Individualized support services and tutoring for the on-line student.
  • This certificate program will help you with sharing knowledge, strategic insights, and new innovative ideas that can be shared with industry peers both inside and outside your organization.