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Master of Arts in Education: English Language Learners  – Indiana Only

You are a life-long learner.

You are looking to expand your career.

You desire to make a greater impact in the lives of your students.

If you are a teacher who desires to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students, the English Language Learners program is designed specifically for you. In today's changing classroom demographic, you must be equipped with strategies to provide equal access to success for all students. Current educational best practices—including engaged learning, learning styles, technology integration, collegial collaboration, and authentic assessment — are threaded throughout the program. This program incorporates these best practices with interdisciplinary learning. As a teacher with a busy life, you'll appreciate the flexibility and convenience of this online program.


Accelerated classes meet online, courses start every 8 weeks
Program Length
13 months for licensure addition; 23 months for optional master’s degree
Credit Hours
19 hours for licensure addition; 33 hours for optional master’s degree

Total Cost

Tuition per Credit Hour
Credit Hours to Complete
Approximate Total Due
*Total cost for optional Master's degree (33 credit hours) is $12,335