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Online SACEP Course offerings through Olivet Nazarene University        

The Salvation Army and ONU partnership is designed so officers can continue the education they began at the CFOT through The Salvation Army Officer Education Program called SACEP. The Salvation Army Continuing Education Program equips officers with the skills needed to better serve in today’s changing communities, where they are called to serve.

Additionally, all SACEP courses align to one of the partnership Bachelor degree programs. The credits accumulated from both CFOT and SACEP put an officer close to the completion of one of ONU’s partnership Bachelor Degrees. These courses are open to officers who are in their early years of officership or those who are seasoned officers and are interested in completing their degree at ONU.

 In order to serve The Salvation Army officers in the best way possible, officers will complete an onboarding introductory module, which introduces the Olivet Learning Management platform called Canvas. The onboarding module (GNS-030 Introduction to College Studies) is a pre-requisite resource that provides an introduction to online expectations, basic skills and strategies of online learning, and online learning resources which support student success. Completing the module will require approximately 10-15 total hours of work. Students continue to have access to this module in their dashboard within in the learning management system.

Register for SACEP Courses

BUS-435 - Human Resources Management | 3/30/20, 5/11/20
BUS-319 - Organizational Behavior | 8/19/19
ACC-406 - Financial Accounting for Managers | 8/19/19
CJS-394 - Juvenile Justice | 8/19/19
PRM-572 - Urban Ministry Practicum | 9/2/19
CJS-440 - Human Trafficking | 11/11/19
BUS-410/510 - Leadership and Management | 1/6/20
BUS-411 - Leading Groups and Teams | 2/17/20
ACC-407 - Managerial Accounting and Decision Making | 2/17/20
HSL-411 - Missional Leadership for Human Service Organizations | 3/23/20
BUS-419 - Organizational Behavior | 5/11/20
BUS-441 - Conflict Management and Resolution | Course will begin in fall 2020
HSL 543A - Certified Life Coach A | Students can begin this course at any time
HSL 543B - Certified Life Coach B | Students can begin this course at any time
HSL 544 - Certified Life Coach Specialization Option: Marriage & Family | Students can begin this course at any time
HSL 545 - Certified Life Coach Specialization Option: Executive Coaching | Students can begin this course at any time
HSL 546 - Certified Life Coach Specialization Option: Intercultural Competence | Students can begin this course at any time
HSL 433 - Caseworker Certification – Intervention and Direct Services | Students can begin this course at any time (starting 9/1/19)
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