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Intercultural Competence Certificate

You work in an intercultural environment.

You want to improve your intercultural knowledge and communication skills.

You plan to participate in or lead a Global Immersion Experience.

You desire to help others understand how different cultural backgrounds impact the workplace.

If you would like to thrive in intercultural situations and a multicultural work environment, the Certificate in Intercultural Competence is designed for you. The program provides a framework for understanding cultural differences and interaction in various settings in society and the workplace. This  program is ideal for individuals working in multiple domestic or global geographies, working in a for-profit or nonprofit organization serving diverse populations, or anyone desiring to improve their cultural intelligence, cross-cultural communication, and management skills.

The program will help you learn the self-awareness necessary to interact in a diverse world. You will also learn how social structures, philosophies, and cultures impact worldviews. Finally, you will apply what you have learned through a capstone project completed either in your own workplace or  through a Global Immersion program.


Accelerated classes meet online, courses start every 8 weeks
Program Length
24 weeks
Credit Hours
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Total Cost

Tuition per Credit Hour
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Program Features

Intercultural Competence Certificate

  • Developed by individuals with rich experiences working in diverse environments as well as extensive experience leading Global Immersion Experiences.
  • Online curriculum designed to create community through discussion and interactive assignments.
  • Networking and learning with other leaders who have a passion for developing their global awareness.
  • Ability to choose between an experiential project, either within one’s own workplace or through a Global Immersion program.
  • Individualized support services and tutoring for the online student.