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Learning Behavior Specialist I Endorsement

You are a life-long learner.

You are looking to expand your career.

You desire to make a greater impact in the lives of your students.

If you are a full-time teacher striving to expand your knowledge, skills, and dispositions for working with students with exceptionalities, the LBS1 Endorsement program is designed for you. In an ever-changing, diverse educational environment it is crucial to support all learners in an inclusive setting. That’s why Olivet provides a licensing program specifically designed to meet your needs as an educator. These include: 1) those who are licensed but new to special education who seek the LBS1 endorsement, and 2) those who are seeking to learn more about special education, but who are not applying for licensure or endorsement. The LBS1 enables you to work with students with disabilities and assists you in learning about a wide range of exceptionalities, assessment types, and differentiated and collaborative instructional delivery models. The program combines a balanced approach of theory and application, preparing you to be culturally responsive educational leaders in the classroom. The LBS1 Endorsement is for K-21. (Note that due to updates by ISBE, grade range licensure has changed.) Those who do not hold a valid Illinois Teaching PEL are not eligible for this endorsement. For out-of-state candidates, please be informed that the LBS1 program is considered a four-course sequence for a specific grade range licensure in Illinois and is not a complete special education program.



Accelerated classes meet online, courses start every 8 weeks
Program Length
Length: 8-10 months
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