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You are a life-long learner.

You are looking to expand your sphere of influence.

You desire to make a greater impact in the lives of your students.

If you are a practicing teacher striving to become a leader in your school, the Teacher Leader Endorsement program is designed to assist you. The leader endorsement program will train and equip you with the knowledge and skills to mentor and coach, lead teams, problem-solve, design professional development, guide collaborative professional learning communities, build school culture with a focus on student outcomes, and interpret data around school culture. You will also understand evaluation models—leading and assisting peers in strengthening teaching with the goal of maximizing student engagement in learning. As a busy teacher, you’ll appreciate the flexibility and convenience of this online program


Accelerated classes meet online
Program Length
16 months for endorsement; 24 months for optional master’s degree
Credit Hours
24 credit hours for endorsement; 38 credit hours for optional master’s degree
Start Dates

Total Cost

Tuition per Credit Hour
Credit Hours to Complete
Approximate Total Due
*Total cost for optional Master's degree (38 credit hours) is $16,720


Program Features

This program is focused on “Professionals Influencing Lives” through teaching, leadership, and collaborating with others in the school community to improve student outcomes. Research indicates that principals cannot transform schools alone anymore; therefore, the teacher leader endorsement program offers a career path and training to develop high-performing teachers for leadership roles where distributed leadership is utilized to maximize outcomes for P-12 students.

A ten hour practicum is embedded in each Teacher Leader course which provides candidates with the opportunity to utilize theory and apply it to practice. Candidates must complete their practicum requirements in schools with a diverse population (which means that 20% or more of the school’s populace must be comprised of a diverse population other than the majority population of the school). Olivet’s Education programs that lead to licensure or endorsement are approved in Illinois. For out-of-state candidates seeking licensure, a review of coursework by the state’s Department of Education may be needed.

Candidates with a bachelor's degree must complete the full 38 unit endorsement and master's degree program to be eligible to apply for the Teacher Leader Endorsement. Candidates with a master's degree may choose to complete the 24 unit endorsement program, or the 38 unit program for the endorsement and an additional master's degree.