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Few things are more fortifying for a person’s professional and career development than a great mentor. Mentors occupy a very special place in work and life. The good ones possess high-level knowledge of a mentee’s industry and work, they have an invaluable store of personal experience, and their interest is selfless and singular: they want to help their mentee grow and succeed.

So everyone has a mentor, right? Not quite. Mentors are out there, and Americans believe they're important, but only one in three people currently work with one. To find out more about the latest trends in mentor-mentee relationships, check out the results of our survey below.

Graphic depicting various statistics about professional mentors


In June 2018, our team surveyed 3,000 Americans who are currently employed full-time. The pool of respondents represents twenty-one industries, all 50 states, and ages ranging from 21 to 68.